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YASIN CAPSULE is one of leading manufacturer and exporters that undertake the business of high-quality grade empty hard gelatin capsules. With advanced workshop, semi-automatic production lines and quality control center that meet the national GMP standard. At the moment, out factory with 12 separate production lines, covers 10000㎡ with more than 200 staffs, among which nearly 30 are senior technicians. The annual production capacity more than 6 billions.

Every year, Yasin capsule invests a lot of money in technology research and development. And this ratio is gradually increasing every year. Because we know that investment in research and development can make our customer more and more satisfied with our products. R&D is also the soul of a business that can make this business stronger and stronger.

Yasin capsule hopes to more customer to use our empty capsules  every year. We hope that our capsule shell is a good carrier to allow customers to better preserve the drug and ensure the quality of the drug. This is very important for the customer, of course, this is also very important for us. Only the quality of our products is getting better and better, so that the quality of our customers' products is getting better and better.

Yasin Capsule always at your service.