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As a reliable supplier of plant-based capsules, Yasin manufacturing services specialize in the production of size 0 empty botanical capsules from our state-of-the-art capsule factory. We offer high-quality capsules made from natural ingredients to suit your needs. Please contact us to know about the best plant capsule suppliers.


Cap: 11.0±0.4mm
Body: 18.5±0.4mm
Well-knit Length : 21.7±0.5mm
Weight: 97±7.0mg
Valume : 0.68ml

Simple to fill: Whether utilizing manual or automatic filling techniques, the capsules are made to be simple to fill with ingredients or powders.

Formulation Flexibility: The larger size 00 capsules provide more space, allowing for a wider range of ingredients or combination formulas. It allows for more flexibility in creating personalized supplement blends

Improves Digestion: Some people find that larger capsules are gentler on the digestive system because they dissolve more slowly than smaller capsules. This helps with better absorption of ingredients and reduces any potential discomfort

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