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Size 00

Brief Description:

Yasin, as a reliable HPMC capsules supplier, our production service provides size 00 HPMC empty capsules produced by experienced capsule manufacturers. We ensure to provide high quality capsules that meet your requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs and get a competitive quote. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Cap: 11.8±0.4mm
Body: 20.05±0.4mm
Well-knit Length :23.4±0.5mm
Weight: 123±8.0mg
Valume : 0.93ml

Stability: Capsules are typically made of high-quality materials that provide stability and prevent contents from leaking or being damaged.

Easy to fill: The capsule features a two-piece design, making it easy to fill with powder or granular substances. They can be filled manually or using specialized machinery.

Dissolution Time: The capsule shell is designed to disintegrate easily within the digestive system, allowing for rapid absorption and release of contents.

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