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Design Your Gelatin Capsule

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Yasin offer a comprehensive empty capsule customized service, catering to your specific requirements. Choose from a variety of types and colors to meet your needs. Additionally, we provide the option to print your logo on the capsules, helping you promote your brand. As trusted capsule manufacturers,Yasin specialize in producing high-quality gelatin capsules. Experience the convenience and flexibility of our empty capsule customization service. Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements.


We provide a customizable empty capsule service with three types: opaque, translucent, and pearl. Yasin gelatin empty capsules are of superior quality and can be tailored to your specific needs.

gelatin capsules Types


Gelatin Capsules design color

Our production service offers customized color options for empty capsules, allowing for any color variation, whether it be a single color or a mix of colors. We are reliable capsule suppliers.

Print Your Logo

Our production service provides customized logo options for empty hard shell capsules. We offer printing on both the cap and body of the capsule, allowing for various printing methods to suit your specific needs.

Design gelatin Capsule Logo

What Your Need To Provide To Design Your Own Capsuels?

1)The size of capsules you need
2) The Pantone# for color customizing
3) The HD Logo pictures or AI docs that use for printing
4) AI docs that show all the customized detials including color, logo location and size will be better.

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