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Size 4

Brief Description:

Yasin size 4 mini HPMC capsules, ideal for encapsulating a variety of products. The capsules are made from HPMC, a vegetarian-friendly material, to accommodate individuals with dietary preferences. Experience convenience and quality with our HPMC capsules! Order now and cater to a wider market.


Cap: 7.2±0.4mm
Body: 12.2±0.4mm
Well-knit Length : 14.2±0.5mm
Weight: 39±3.0mg
Valume : 0.21ml

Flexible dosing options: Small 3-capsule size can be filled with a specific amount of substance, so precise dosing is possible. This is particularly useful when using potent or expensive ingredients, where precise dosage control is required.

Ingredient protection: Encapsulating sensitive ingredients in the smallest possible size of 4 capsules helps protect them from degradation caused by exposure to air, moisture, and other external factors.

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