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Size 1

Brief Description:

Yasin capsule company specializes in the production of size 1 HPMC hard empty capsules. With a commitment to quality and manufacturing excellence, we offer best-in-class capsules that meet your needs. Trust our expertise and contact us for all your capsule needs.


Cap: 9.90±0.4mm
Body: 16.5±0.4mm
Well-knit Length : 19.3±0.5mm
Weight: 77±6.0mg
Valume : 0.50ml

Faster absorption: Gelatin capsules are known for dissolving quickly in the stomach, allowing for faster absorption of the contents within the capsule. This may be advantageous when rapid absorption is required.

Cost-effective: Size 1 capsules are generally more cost-effective than larger sized capsules, making them a popular choice for businesses or individuals who frequently encapsulate substances

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