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Size 3

Brief Description:

Yasin is the empty capsule supplier that offers vegan capsule shells. Our size 3 small HPMC empty capsules are made from vegetarian friendly materials, ensuring your product caters to a wider market. Trust us to be your reliable empty capsule supplier. Contact us today!


Cap: 8.1±0.4mm
Body: 13.6±0.4mm
Well-knit Length : 15.7±0.5mm
Weight: 49±4.0mg
Valume : 0.3ml

Enhanced Absorption: Smaller capsules dissolve and release their contents faster, increasing the chance of effective absorption by the body. This is especially important for substances that need to be absorbed quickly, such as fast-acting medications.

Enhanced Stability: The small size of these capsules helps minimize the air space between the capsule wall and the contents inside. This reduces the likelihood of oxidation or degradation of sensitive compounds, improving product stability and shelf life.

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