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Enhance your encapsulation process with our premium #0 empty capsules. Manufactured by trusted capsule manufacturers, these empty gelatin capsules provide a reliable and convenient solution for encapsulating dietary supplements, medications, or herbal remedies. With their precise dimensions and excellent quality, they ensure easy filling and secure sealing. Boost your production today with our best-in-class empty capsules!


Cap: 11.0±0.3mm
Body: 18.5±0.3mm
Well-knit Length : 21.4±0.5mm
Weight: 103±9mg
Valume : 0.68ml

Empty size 00 capsules are a particular kind of capsule that are frequently used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Compatibility: Size 0 capsules may be filled quickly and easily using a variety of filling equipment because of their compatibility.

Safety: These pills are made to adhere to high standards of quality and safety, making them uncontaminated and safe for consumption.

Convenience: The larger size of these capsules makes them more convenient for those who prefer to take fewer capsules to achieve the desired dose. This is especially helpful for those who take multiple supplements or medications.

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