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Size 1

Brief Description:

Yasin trusted gelatin capsules supplier offers high-quality capsules that easily encapsulate supplements and medications. Made from high-quality gelatin, these capsules are reliable and easy to fill. Get No. 1 Gelatin Capsules from our reliable capsule suppliers now!


Cap: 10.0±0.3mm
Body: 16.5±0.3mm
Well-knit Length : 19.1±0.5mm
Weight: 80±7mg
Valume : 0.50ml

Easy to swallow: Compared to bigger capsules or tablets, size 1 capsules are comparatively tiny in size and are therefore simpler to take. Those who have trouble swallowing would especially benefit from this

Versatile dosing options:  Size 1 capsules hold specific amounts of powder or liquid substances, allowing for precise dosing. This is especially beneficial if you need to take different doses or combinations of supplements or medications

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