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Size 4

Brief Description:

Small 4 Gelatin Capsules are empty capsules made of gelatin designed to be filled with a variety of oral substances. These capsules are supplied by reputable empty capsule manufacturers and serve as a convenient delivery system in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.


Cap: 7.2±0.3mm
Body: 12.2±0.3mm
Well-knit Length : 14.2±0.5mm
Weight: 39±4mg
Valume : 0.21ml

Easy to Swallow: The small size of 4 capsules is suitable for people who have difficulty swallowing larger capsules or tablets. Their smaller size makes them more comfortable to swallow

Accurate Dosage: Minimum size 4 capsules suitable for precise dosage of substance. This is especially important when working with potent or sensitive compounds that require precise measurement.

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