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Size 00

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Discover our top-quality Size #00 Empty Capsules, sourced directly from reliable capsule shell suppliers in China. These capsules offer exceptional precision and consistency in size, ensuring effortless filling and sealing processes. Ideal for encapsulating various substances, be it pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, or herbal remedies. Get your batch of superior capsules today!


Cap: 11.8±0.3mm
Body: 20.8±0.3mm
Well-knit Length :23.5±0.5mm
Weight: 125±12mg
Valume : 0.95ml

Size 00 hollow capsule is a type of capsule commonly used in the pharmaceutical and health care industries.

Easy to handle: The larger size of these capsules makes them easier to handle and fill with substances manually or using a capsule filling machine. This saves time and effort during the encapsulation process.

Reduced Dosing Frequency: Since the larger size 00 capsules can hold more substance, they can be taken less frequently. This may be beneficial for those who prefer to take fewer supplements or medications throughout the day

Increased Capacity: Compared to small size capsules, large size 00 capsules have a higher capacity and can hold more substances. This makes them more suitable for encapsulating larger doses or larger volumes of ingredients.

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