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Size 2

Brief Description:

Size 2 gelatin capsules are small and easy to swallow. They provide precise dosing options for a variety of substances, dissolve quickly for fast absorption, and are tasteless and odorless. Cost-effective and widely used for encapsulating supplements and medications.


Cap: 9.0±0.3mm
Body: 15.5±0.3mm
Well-knit Length : 17.8±0.5mm
Weight: 64±6mg
Valume : 0.37ml

Precise dosing: Size 2 Capsules measure capacity to fill a specific amount of substance, allowing for precise dosing and avoiding under- or over-dosing

Ease of ingestion: Size 2 capsules are smaller in size and are generally easier to swallow than larger capsules or other forms of medications or supplement.

Quick dissolution: Gelatin capsules are designed to dissolve quickly in the stomach, promoting efficient absorption of the encapsulated substance into the bloodstream for faster onset of action.

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