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Size 2

Brief Description:

Yasin, The top China company specializes in the production of high quality size 2 HPMC capsules. With reliable manufacturing processes and a commitment to excellence, we offer HPMC capsules you can trust to meet your needs. Please contact us today for all your capsule requirements.


Cap: 9.0±0.4mm
Body: 15.4±0.4mm
Well-knit Length : 17.8±0.5mm
Weight: 63±6mg
Valume : 0.37ml

Cost-effectiveness:Size 2 capsules tend to be more cost-effective compared to other capsule sizes, which is advantageous for manufacturers or individuals who frequently use or encapsulate substances.

Versatility: Size 2 capsules are often used to encapsulate a variety of substances, including dietary supplements, herbs, medications, and even homemade remedies or concoctions

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