Does “Slow-Release” Capsules really work?

We have eaten slow-release capsules once or more, as they are mostly used in weight-loss medication and supplements. They differ from fast-release gelatin capsules in many ways, like composition, quality, price, and much more. And if you, as a user or manufacturer, are wondering if they can really work and how to source them cheaply, then read on.

Slow-Release empty capsules do they work or not as they claim

Figure no 1 Slow-Release empty capsules: do they work or not as they claim


1. What are “slow-release” capsules, and how do they work?
2. What is the difference between fast-release and slow-release capsules?
3. What are the benefits of slow-release capsules?
4. Do slow-release capsules work as they claim?
5. Safety problems associated with slow-release capsules?

How to find the best slow-release capsule manufacturer?

1) What are “slow-release” capsules, and how do they work?

“As the name suggests, slow-release capsules are the ones which get digested in the body after some time and delay the release of their inner substances.”

As you know, most empty capsules in the market are made out of gelation, which can dissolve above 30° Celsius in about 10 ~ 30 minutes. However, slow-release capsules belong to a specific category in which different agents are added to their composition before shaping, or an additional coating is done after making them, which is resistant to stomach acids and makes them dissolve much slower.

The slow-release capsules are also known by different names like delayed-release, time-release, sustained-release, or extended-release. These capsules are made mostly from acid-resistant polymers, which are primarily derived from plants such as cellulose, ethylcellulose, etc. So that’s why most slow-release capsules are vegan, which makes them acceptable in the Islamic halal category as well as in Jewish Kosher rules.

2) What is the difference between fast-release and slow-release capsules?

“As the name suggests, fast-release capsules are the ones that dissolve quickly or immediately, like within 1 ~ 3 minutes in the body, while slow-release capsules can take minutes to hours to get disintegrated.”

You see, fast-releasing capsules are used when the body needs instant medication or supplements for proper function. The drug is released instantly in these capsules, and its concentration in the blood rises altogether.

In contrast, slow-release capsules keep moving from the stomach to the small intestine to the large intestine, and the drugs/supplements get released over time, keeping their contraction in the blood constant. They are mostly used for applications where instant medication is not needed but is needed as a long-term treatment.

3) What are the benefits of slow-release capsules?

The pharmaceuticals and supplements industry customizes slow-release capsules for various purposes, such as;

i) Hit a certain area: One of the main purposes of using slow-release capsules is to provide medication to a specific area of the body. For example, food stays in the stomach for 40 minutes to 2 hours, so if you want to deliver medication to the intestine, the slow-release capsules are designed to stay intact for 3 hours in a stomach acidity environment and then dissolve when in the intestine.

ii) For long-term effects: Another very important function of slow-release capsules is to dissolve very slowly. Hence, the medication affects the body slowly and for a long time, which will help prevent the consumer from frequent medication dosages.

Health benefits of using slow-release capsules for the human body

Figure no 2 Health benefits of using slow-release capsules for the human body

iii) Better absorption: slow-release capsules are also helpful in releasing medications or supplements slowly, which helps in better absorption by the body. Slow absorption increases the potency compared to the fast-release medication of the same quantity.

iv) Keep Medicine safe: As you already know, stomach acid is very dangerous – it can dissolve a whole mouse within a few hours, and if not for the protective mucus layer inside our stomach, the acid will eat away our whole stomach and nearby organs. Some medicines also get damaged due to acid’s high pH value, so manufacturers use slow-release capsules that remain intact in stomach acid and only get released when in the small intestine.

4) Do slow-release capsules work as they claim?

Yes and no; it depends on what you are asking. For example, if you are asking if the slow-release technology exists, then yes, they do work, but if you ask if local capsules in the market work as they claim, then it’s most likely a no.

You see, many manufacturers claim to produce slow-releasing empty capsules, but they don’t use the premium stuff, or their coating techniques are not uniform, which leaves a lot of room for errors. For example, according to data, about 20% of capsules bought from the market ruptured very early and failed. But it doesn’t mean all capsules are bad.

Some honorable manufacturers, like Yasin, are producing state-of-the-art slow-release capsules that not only perform as they claim but are also made from the safest possible materials.

5) Safety problems associated with slow-release capsules?

You can think of slow-release capsules as the next level of fast-release ones because they are made either by adding digestion-resistant ingredients to their recipe or by coating an extra layer, which raises the base production cost. So, more than half of manufacturers in the market use cheap materials and don’t even tell what they use. These cheap ingredients can be dangerous and cause allergies or health problems. Plus, these capsules are used mostly by sick persons, which worsens the situation even more.

6) How to find the best slow-release capsule manufacturer?

For pharmaceuticals and supplementation companies, finding a working slow-release capsule manufacturer is as important as ensuring their medication works because if the drug is released before/after its determined time, it will lose its potency and target area, which can be dangerous for the patient/user.

But back to the main question: with so many scammers in the market, how do we find such reputable manufacturers whose slow-release soft and hard empty capsules work as they claim? Well, you can follow the below guideline to do that;

Choose an honest slow-release capsule manufacturer

Figure no 3 Choose an honest slow-release capsule manufacturer

 Find a Companies

i) Search the Internet: The simplest and easiest way is to look for a manufacturer via the Internet. Almost all world-famous companies have an online presence with all their products and detailed ingredients mentioned on their website. Plus, contacting the manufacturers directly also helps in saving the middleman fees.

ii) Ask around the local market: Another path you can take is to go around your local market and ask from vendor to vendor which company is the best for slow-release capsules. There is no doubt that the local market has a limited range, but asking from the ground up helps get real reviews from capsule users.

iii) Analyze your competitors: Most companies mention their business partners on their websites or in their product marketing books. You can also physically go to that company if nearby and ask around their employee from whom they source their empty capsules and at which price.

 Choose a Company

i) Look for company history: When you have made a list of reputable companies, it’s time to search every bit and corner of their website to find their problems. You can also reach their previous customers to get some real answers ( but that can be bothersome ). In short, always spy around to know the company’s monetary condition and production environment.

ii) Always test every batch: About 20% ~ 40% of slow-release capsules fail to last as they claim, so always check every incoming back in an apparatus that imitates the human stomach and intestine to ensure your medication will never fail.

➔   Conclusion

With so many scammers in the market, always ensure you get what you want so your company image and customers’ health remain at best. If you buy slow-release capsules in small quantities for just one time, then the local market is the best. At the same time, if you own a company with constant demand, it’s best to contact reputable Chinese manufacturers like Yasin, from whom you can customize capsules according to your specific needs and get wholesale prices.

Post time: Oct-03-2023