What Is the Advantage of a Pullulan Capsule?

Pullulan, derived from fermenting black yeast (Aureobasibium pullulan) using starch, becomes a white powder with no scent. Its chemical composition, mainly poly-malt-salt linked by α-1.4 glucosidic bond, includes 1/3 α-1.6 glucosidic bond and 2/3 α-1.4 glucoside bond. This eco-friendly substance easily dissolves in water, making it safe. In the capsule factory, people appreciate its qualities, often calling it "pollution-free plastic."

Also, This Article has collected The Best Advantages of Pollulan Capsules in Medicine. So, continue reading!

Pullulan Capsule

The 5 Advantages of Pollulan Capsules:

Pollulan is made from the fungus Aureobasidium Pollulan from Starch. It is eco-friendly, edible, and Tasteless. In Food and Capsule Factories, it forms robust, airtight films commonly used in crafting items such as food packages and skin care products. It's a plant-based alternative for gelatin capsules, ideal for an empty capsule supplier.

1.Shiny Transparency Allure:

Firstly, Pullulan capsules look shiny and are see-through, more than gelatin ones. People might like this for how it looks and helps show off the product, making it more attractive to consumers.

2.Allergen-Free Trust Boost:

Secondly, Pullulan doesn't have allergens, which matters more to people and rules. Picking allergen-free stuff like Pullulan can make customers trust a brand and make following labeling rules easier.

3.Diverse Certification Appeal:

Furthermore, Pullulan capsules are certified organic, vegan, and kosher, making them likable to people with various diets. This helps meet different rules and preferences.

4.Oxygen-Blocking Power:

However, Pullulan's great at blocking oxygen, which is crucial for keeping sensitive stuff like phosphatidylcholines and proanthocyanidins safe from turning bad. This helps things last longer, which is super important for products, especially medicines and health stuff that can get messed up by oxygen.

5.Natural Appeal Trend:

Moreover, Pullulan is made naturally, making it a cool thing for products sold as natural or organic. People like natural stuff because they think it's healthier and safer. Pullulan fits perfectly with choosing natural ingredients over synthetic or changed ones.

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Also, Incorporating Pullulan into making lots of stuff can bring big benefits for an empty capsule supplier because people like it now. Companies producing a lot can stand out, selling great things and matching what many people care about. This might make customers like the company and buy more, making the company more popular.

What Sets Pullulan, Vegetarian, and Vegan Capsules Apart?

Other capsules, like Vegan and  Pollulan Capsules, cater to plant-based and vegan preferences. Pullulan capsules have unique characteristics, especially regarding their chemical composition and specific technical advantages. The choice between them would depend on the intended user's specific needs, applications, and desired properties.

Pullulan capsules come from corn fermentation, block oxygen well, and can earn different certifications.

Vegetarian capsules might have non-vegan stuff, offering another choice: gelatin capsules for people not into animal products.

Vegan capsules are all plant-based, fit with a kind lifestyle, and have nothing from animals in them.

How Does Pullulan Have More Advantages Over Gelatin Capsules?

Pullulan Capsules are made from corn fermentation

Moreover, Stable, no protein reactions

Non-animal source, no growth hormones or drugs

However, The Technical perks prevent health risks

Post time: Jan-10-2024