What is a Pullulan Capsule?

One of the newer but highly effective products out there is the pullulan capsule. These empty capsules can be used to put many different products into. Selecting an empty capsule supplier with the expertise to guide you through the use of this product and who can create exactly what you need is important.

There is an increased market demand by consumers for products made from vegetables or natural ingredients. Pullulan capsules meet that demand, and companies know they have to provide what consumers want. Otherwise, they risk losing that potential business to one of their competitors. Consumers have a powerful voice when it comes to getting effective changes in place due to what they decide to buy.

Religious beliefs can influence what a consumer will use. If they have health issues, a product they can easily swallow and digest matters to them. The goal is to gain value from the medication or supplement they take. A pullulan capsule can give them all they need without any harsh side effects.

The use of pullulan for food and drugs is not new, but the demand for this type of capsule continues to grow. The forecasted empty capsule market shows an estimated growth of 30% over the next 5 years. Pullulan has been used for food and drugs for almost 50 years, and it is proven to be safe.

I encourage you to learn more about pullulan capsules, and I will share plenty of information with you here. This includes:

● What is a pullulan capsule and where does it come from?
● What do these high-quality capsules offer?
● What ingredients are they made from?
● A vegetarian option
● Easy to swallow and digest

What is a Pullulan Capsule and where does it come From?

If you aren’t familiar with pullulan capsules and where they come from, they are made from a type of polymer. It doesn’t have any taste, ensuring the consumer doesn’t experience an aftertaste when they use such capsules. They tend to be made from natural or vegetable products.

There is no harm to the body from such a capsule. This is important to consumers because they don’t want to create any problems for their bodies when they take supplements or medications. Most people take supplements like this daily or they are on medications they use daily. It gives them peace of mind when the product isn’t going to be detrimental to their well-being.

Since pullulan capsules are durable and they aren’t vulnerable to moisture, they can be used for a wide variety of medications and supplements. They are a common type of empty shell for vitamins, oils, and more. They work well for products that are sensitive to moisture or oxygen due to their chemical makeup.

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What do These high-quality Capsules Offer?

Part of the attraction to pullulan capsules is the high-quality they offer. It is vital to find an empty capsule supplier offering them so you can appeal to your intended audience. Some manufacturers worry that they will pay more for empty capsules, but the prices are reasonable. If you do pay more due to the high-quality, your consumers will typically be willing to pay more too. They want a product that works well and they are fond of the high-quality pullulan capsules.

Such empty capsules offer much more than just high-quality though. As manufacturers and consumers learn about these benefits, it further encourages them. They have excellent oxygen barrier properties, 9 times more than gelatin capsules and over 200 times more than HPMC capsules. This means the nutrients in them won’t oxidize.

The use of pullulan extends the shelf-life of products. Manufacturers can buy large quantities of empty capsules from their supplier. They can have them on hand to fill as their demand increases. The manufacturer doesn’t have to worry about how long the products sit once filled before they are shipped, as the life extends by several years. Consumers like this too as they can buy a product and not worry it will expire before they use all of it.

Since pullulan capsules are chemically inert, there isn’t a risk of them being reactive with other chemicals in the body. This is very important as it means more people taking those supplements or medications with this type of empty capsule are getting the most value out of them. There isn’t a percentage of the population with a lower benefit from them due to their body chemistry.

Manufacturers like empty capsules made from pullulan because they are easier to fill. They aren’t as brittle as gelatin capsules, and that means less waste. They can be filled at a high-speed rate in machinery without any issues. This type of automation fills the two pieces of the empty capsules and then secures them together.

All Pullulan capsules must meet the following requirements:

● Allergen free
● Gluten-free
● Halal approved
● Kosher approved
● Lactose-free
● Plant-based
● Preservative free
● Vegan

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What Ingredients are They Made from?

Capsule manufacturers should be held to high standards by companies when it comes to the ingredients they use. When they offer pullulan empty capsules, they should be made from top-quality ingredients. At the same time, the company should strive to keep overhead low without compromising quality.

Organization, automated processing, and quality checks should all be part of the overall process. Each step in the creation process needs to be accurate and serve the needs of the customers. They rely on these empty pullulan capsules to provide consumers with various supplements and medications. Their reputation is on the line, and that is why a company should always be selective with the supplier they get their empty capsules from.

While the specific ingredients used to create these capsules will vary, the quality of it should be top-notch. Strict quality control steps should be in place to ensure nothing that isn’t up to par slips through the cracks. It can be a learning process to get the creation of high-quality pullulan capsules correct. With so many companies and consumers demanding them, it is worth the time and investment of empty capsule suppliers.

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A Vegetarian Option

The specific ingredients depend on the manufacturing company. It also depends on which market they are appealing to. There are vegetarian capsules and there are gelatin capsules. Each offers value, but some consumers will only consume vegetarian options. They do so for their health needs or due to religious beliefs. Vegetarian capsules tend to cost more but they are willing to pay for that additional benefit.

Pullulan vegetarian capsules are gelatin-free. They are made from tapioca starch. Another name this ingredient is known as on labels is amylose. If the company is offering gelatin capsules, the product may be remarkable, but the product is not pullulan. This type of product only has ingredients from plants, not from animals.

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Easy to Swallow and Digest

Consumers want supplements and medications easy to swallow. They also want a product easy for the body to digest. That is when the body can benefit from the product in the stomach and it gets into the bloodstream. There are some exceptions as certain medications and supplements are absorbed from the intestines rather than the stomach.

There are different sizes of pullulan capsules, it depends on what will be put into them. Even the larger ones are easy to swallow though, and that is reassuring to consumers. The amount of time it takes for digestion and absorption depends on the specific ingredients found within the capsules. The best manufacturers offer a variety of colors so the company can create a look that they find reflective of their business. They can also print a logo or other business information pertaining to the company on the empty capsules.

While pullulan capsules are safe for the body, what is inside of them can have different effects. It is the responsibility of the customer to confirm the product is right for them. Prescription medications should only be taken by the person they were prescribed for. Supplements and over-the-counter medications should only be taken according to the information on the product label. Taking too much of any supplement or medication can create issues.

Consumers understand many medications have the risk of side effects. They are informed on what those could be. They also realize the benefits from that medication typically outweigh any potential side effects. They appreciate products they don’t struggle to swallow and those that the body can absorb well. It helps them feel confident in the products they take and work hard to take care of their health needs.


Pullulan capsules can be a great concept for anyone interested in vegetarian options. There are gelatin options too, and consumers can choose the type of product they feel is best for them. Sometimes, the decision is based on digestion, and other times it is based on religion or other preferences. A quality product put into an empty Pullulan capsule can give the consumer exactly what they want or need. Such products include supplements and medications.

Post time: Oct-17-2023