HPMC Capsule

Capsules are widely used in medicines, supplement and functional foods with a history of 160 years and are becoming more and more popular, especially HPMC capsules.


Compared with the raw material of gelatin capsule, HPMC(hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose) has good film formation, dispersion, adhesion, water retention and other properties, belongs to the pure natural plant ingredients, is a safe edible raw material, so HPMC empty capsule is loved by vegetarians.


HPMC empty capsule superiority


HPMC hollow capsule electrostatic effect is small or no electrostatic effect, mainly because HPMC is cellulose part of Methyl and part of Polyhydroxypropyl Ether. In the process of drug filling, HPMC empty capsule will not adsorb drugs, convenient for filling drugs.


Capsule can not react with the powder, some powder contains Aldehydes, Reducing Sugar Compounds and vitamin C, if the gelatin empty capsule filled, will react with its Amino or Carboxyl group, not only affect the disintegration of the empty capsule and affect the stability of the drug, while HPMC is inert material, no interaction with the content.


HPMC empty capsule has little adhesion to the esophagus, and patients have less adverse reactions such as foreign body sensation when taking HPMC empty capsule, which can improve the medication compliance of patients.


As the number of vegetarians worldwide grows, more and more people are turning to non-animal source capsules, with some 70 million Americans opting for vegan capsules. HPMC empty capsules provide a choice for vegetarian and religious consumers.


In addition, HPMC emptycapsule has no virus risk, will not be easily infected by microorganisms, under normal conditions, long time placed will not occur decomposition metamorphism.

Post time: Aug-31-2022