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Quality Systems

1. We conduct strict control of raw material & products. The raw material is from HPMC based on natural wood fiber with GMO-free. The whole material quality system is guaranteed, being paid attention in detail to guarantee quality evenness.


2. The whole manufacturing process is implemented with great dedication and full responsibility. The world-class automatic facilities are used skillfully by Competent Personnels, establishing an efficient and orderly GMP management system. Here displayed some core advanced equipment conforming to the highest pharmaceutical standard:


World-class Aseptic Room Facility

Cutting-edge Manufacturing Machines

Well-documented Monitoring System

Stringent Hygiene Standards

Climate and Humidity Diagnostic Equipment


3. The quality assurance is absolutely trustable. Regular and planned hands-on workshops addressing the training needs enable us to maintain consistency. So no defective capsules are produced under such thorough inspection and continuous monitoring, as each step is cautiously reviewed in every management to continue suitability.

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