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Advantage of Plant Capsule

1. It is safer and riskless for animal infectious diseases. The cellulose used to manufacture HPMC capsules is derived from trees, inert and free from animal source related issues.

2. Low moisture content under 6%-7%, which is more applicable for moisture-sensitive and liquid formulations drugs.

3. HPMC Capsules are odorless and tasteless, easy to swallow and effectively mask taste and odor. The oral bioavailability of these capsules is identical to hard gelatin capsules.

4. Better stability enables the capsules to be stored 36 months without deterioration. It will not easily become crisp or deformed unless under extreme environment.

5. No risk for crosslinking reaction with aldehyde drugs. The thorough dissolving output brings the drug effect to the best.

6. It is almost acknowledged by all the groups with different cultural background and religion beliefs. There is no barrier to capsule promotion.

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