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Yasin is one of the largest producers of HPMC and Gelatin capsules in Asia. The GMP and D Grade Clean Standard Factory appeal to hundred of Companies worldwide from the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industry. Besides, a full range of Certificates are available for your selection , Such as HALAL, Kosher, BRC, NSF ect.

  • Top 3 Manufacturer in China
  • 16 Years Manufacturing Experience
  • Annual Output Breaks through 8 Billion PCS
  • Compliance with GMP Standard
  • HPMC Capsule
    HPMC CapsuleHPMC Capsule originates from wood pulp, which is more natural and safer for human beings to avoid health risk. The plant based property makes it popular among those with different lifestyles and religious preferences. (Vegetarians,Muslims etc. )
    Gelatin Capsule
    Gelatin CapsuleGelatin capsule is an old traditional choice for pharmaceutical use, easily absorbed by human body and fast digested in stomach within 10mins. Besides, it is more economic to take a leading position in capsule market.
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