capsule Product
More Safety, More Love

Advantage of Capsule

1.  High Gloss and Bright appearance, easy to swallow with fewer efforts.

2.  The disintegration time is relatively shorter than Vegetable ones.  ( 6 Min VS 10Min), So it is easier for our bodies to absorb and digest.

3. Perfect qualification rate on filling machines. The proportion of vegetable Capsule turns out to be 99.99% VS Gelatin’s 99.97%. The defective capsules can be ignored basically.

4. Compared with tablets and pills, the gelatin capsule has better bioavailability, As no adhesive is added to stabilize the drugs, so it is more pure and easier for absorption.

5. It is applicable to make sustained release and compound formulations. The drugs are able to be dissolved in fixed time and position in the intestine system.

6. Simple recipe and manufacturing process, Convenient for automatic and industrial mass production.

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