Why we need empty capsules

Why we need empty capsules

Pills and medicinal capsule shells are undoubtedly the two main forms of medicine use today. What are their advantages and disadvantages? Why choose empty capsule?In 1983, European and American authorities conducted research on this issue. The results of the survey showed that among the 1,000 patients selected, 54% preferred medicinal capsule shells, 29% chose sugar-coated pellets, and only 13% I chose a tablet, and another 4% did not make a clear choice, so why do so many people choose capsules?

In addition to all the advantages of having a tablet drug, medicinal capsules have these characteristics:

1.Cover up the bad smell of medicine powder;

2.A solid dosage form of a liquid drug;

3. The drug works quickly in the body: the drug in the capsule is directly filled in the shell of the medicinal capsule in the form of powder or granules, and is not affected by pressure and other factors, so it is rapidly dispersed, dissolved and absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Under normal circumstances, its effect will be higher than tablets and others.

4. Reduce irritation or damage. For drugs that have poor odor and taste and are relatively irritating to the stomach, storing them in capsules can mask taste and reduce irritation.


5. Protect the medicine and measure it accurately. For medicine that are unstable under light or in the air, the capsule shell can act as a protective umbrella; for drugs that are liquid in themselves and that require precise doses, the capsule can act as a gauge, indirectly achieving solidification of the liquid medicine (eg soft capsules).

6.Control the release site and time to improve the efficacy. By using some special materials, it is also possible to release the drug on a specific part (such as the intestine) or at a specific time (slow release) to improve the therapeutic effect.

7.Increase bioavailability. Small particles or powdered medicine  wrapped in capsules, as long as the capsules are dissolved, these particles and powders can be quickly absorbed by the human body, and the process of dispersion and disintegration is less than that of the tablets, so that the degree of utilization of the drugs by the human body is increased.

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