The History Of Hard Empty Capsule

Where are the capsule come from?

Hard empty capsule refers to a hollow shell that protects the drug or medicine powder. After the drug powder or liquid is placed in the capsule shell, it can protect the drug from damage and protect the digestive organs and respiratory tract. It can also ensure that the drug is not damaged by gastric acid after passing through the stomach, and smoothly enters the intestinal tract to dissolve and absorb, so that the drug can exert its effects better.

The history of hard empty capsules can be traced back to 1500 BC, when hard empty capsules were invented; but in the 19th century, pharmacists began to face an annoying problem. They take medication on the counter, which helps to improve the lives of the patients they are treating. However, many people ignore their treatment options because taking prescription drugs is a torture exercise. The taste and texture of the mouth is simply abhorrent, and pairing with honey or sugar does not seem to help. In order to solve this problem, the first hard empty capsule in history was proposed in 1835. Gelatin capsules, also known as gel capsules, allow sometimes toxic drugs to block the taste buds in the mouth, allowing patients to swallow their medications without the hassle of frequent troubles. The first empty capsule is integral, filled through a hole and then sealed from the outside with gelatin. Two empty capsules of hard gelatin were subsequently introduced in 1847, making the production of the drug easier. The insertion of the medicament is as simple as pouring the juice into half and breaking it together with the lower half. Subsequently, large-scale production of hard capsules was carried out, and various types of hollow capsules were continuously developed. By 1931, capsules had become the most widely used auxiliary medicine in the medical field.


But in 1986, the mad cow disease that broke out in the UK and spread to the whole continent of Europe caused the capsule to fall into a crisis of trust. You may be puzzled. Why is mad cow disease getting the capsule into the mud? It is very simple, from the French to create a true hard capsule so far, the capsule They are made from the bones and skin of pigs and beef. The capsule is called gelatin capsule, and gelatin capsules transmit animal pathogens such as mad cow disease and foot-and-mouth disease to humans during the outbreak of mad cow disease, which shocked all capsule consumers. In Europe and the United States, they began to look for alternative gelatin capsule materials. .Gelatin capsules are widely used in the medical field, and gelatin capsules have become commonplace.


Vegetarians and vegetarians have removed meat and animal products from their diets and turned their attention to the medications taken by some of them. They realized that the gelatin in the capsules was made from animal sources, and they asked for another way to provide herbs, vitamins and medicines, otherwise they had no choice but to pass animal products. Therefore, vegetarian capsules have emerged.

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